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Willimantic Politicos Threw Our Cops Under the Bus


Police Departments nationwide have been smeared and slandered.  Even our Willimantic Police has for months now been under attack by leftwing demagogues and the Fake News Media.  The attackers have failed to come up with even the slightest evidence to back up their accusations.  They seek to demoralize our officers, devalue them as individuals and compromise public safety in order to gratify their infantile need for notoriety.  Rather than stand up for what is right and defend our officers’ honor against these unprovoked attacks, the Willimantic members of the Town Council and the Town Manager have cowardly caved into political correctness.  The Thin Blue Line/Blue Lives Matter Flag (American Flag version with the blue stripe) has been effectively been banned without a vote even being cast.   The only way to correct this egregious insult is with a wholesale change in leadership.  If elected I will defend the character and professionalism of our police department.  Enough is enough!  Its time for new people.

 No More Budget-Busting Projects


We need a moratorium on all discretionary capital projects as we have recklessly taken on far too much debt, too fast with out of control capital budgets like the hijacked Senior Center and renovations to the high school.  The current leadership has no regard for those who have to pay for their gross extravagances.  They just send us the bill.  No more obscenely expensive endeavors can even be considered for the foreseeable future.  Indeed, even modest projects need to be shelved for now.  Increases in taxes is not an option.  With a mill rate of just under 50, we are past the super-saturation point.  More taxes will be a recipe for continued economic decline.  To be rescued from this never ending death-spiral, taxes need to be stabilized and lowered over the long term.  Debt needs to be paid down by cutting wants out of the budget.  I am flexible what to cut, but not flexible on increased taxes.

Real Economic Development


Many of the town's politicians like Susan Johnson speak of Economic Development as if they don't have a clear grasp of what the term "economic development" truly is.  Real Economic Development means increased tax revenue for the town and/or good paying jobs for the citizens!  Economic Development to some has come to mean anything remotely positive in nature such as a stage few use, the Chocolate Festival, a parking garage or even a "Community Center".   These things do not produce tax revenue or jobs so they simply are not Economic Development.  To get more jobs and revenue, we need to extend the welcome matt to all employers large and small in every way possible such as cutting useless red tape and lower taxes.  We need to keep the employers we have and get more.  Our Economic Development Coordinator is doing an excellent job under the circumstances and he will have my continued support.  

 Bi-Partisan Ethics Commission

 In order to restore faith in our town government,  we need a true Bi-Partisan Ethics Commission both parties will fear.  Currently there isn't enough members to form a quorum.  Evidently that suits my opponents just fine.  The Democrats and other two extreme leftwing parties voted down a second Republican from being seated on the Commission.  I think they are unhappy there is even just one Republican.  Just what are they afraid of?  When I served on the Ethics Commission, we had three parties (Republican, Green and Democrat Party).  The public will have more confidence in rulings of the Ethics Commission if it's not dominated by just one political party. There should be two Democrats, two Republicans and one Unaffiliated voter to break any partisan tie.  Town Councilor Dawn Niles said of a prospective Republican nominee for Ethics that she didn't think she processed the ability to set politics aside and rule on a given case fairly.   Niles even claimed she lacked the same capacity for impartiality.  I know better.  

When I was on the Ethics Commission we always had the Ethics Ordinance printed out in front on us on the table on one side and the complaint on the other.  It was a simple matter of matching the facts with the parameters of the ordinance.  Its not rocket-science.  In my time on the Commission I acquitted one Democrat after another and we had only one case that was not unanimously decided.  I had no difficulty in separating my politics from a fair ruling and I was never tempted once to abuse my authority.  Not only was this particular nominee fully able to rule fairly, so is Dawn Niles despite her doubts about herself.  In fact if elected I will vote in favor of Niles if she applies so long as we get an equal number of Republicans to achieve a true Bi-Partisan makeup.  

New Town Manager

We need a new, professional, credentialed, nonpartisan Town Manager.  For me the gold standard for such a person was R. Thomas Homan who was the Killingly Town Manager while I served as an Acting Town Councilor in 1993.  Mr. Homan was the quintessential example of what a professional town manager should be.  Despite working close with him for about 7 months on very contentious issues, I never got a clear idea of where his true personal political leanings were.  We need a professional like that again who will not let his or her personal partisan political goals or political aspirations get in the way of preforming his/ her duties.  He or she will  let the elected body make the big calls.  

End "Sanctuary City" Status

No matter how one feels about "Amnesty", current federal immigration law holds -- or should hold -- and will remain law until and if such a time it is rewritten by our elected leaders in Congress and signed by the President.  I strongly oppose efforts to circumvent the current democratically (small 'd') written laws regarding our boarders and entry into the United States.  That aside, I think America should welcome new legal immigrants.  As President Ronald Reagan once remarked, when an immigrant becomes a naturalized American, America becomes more American!  I am a believer in the Great American Melting Pot as depicted by School House Rock back when I was growing up and of course Neil Diamond's Coming To America.  My feelings haven't changed after all of these years.  We welcome new citizens to the USA, but they must comply with our laws and that includes laws pertaining to immigration. 

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